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::: Homeikan Morikawa Anex :::

Morikawa Annex is situated in a historical site. It used to be the mansion for a famous daimyo (a head of a samurai clan). The imposing appearance of its entrance with a stone garden fits its prestigious background.

Morikawa Annex features spaciousness that invokes an airy and bright atmosphere throughout.

Morikawa Annex, the largest of the three Homeikan Ryokans, can accommodate a large number of guests, and is a great place to host big events.

Morikawa Annex Information

【Address】6-23-5 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan,  113-0033



【Parking】 Free, Reservation required 

【Guest Rooms】33 rooms 

【Facility】Multi-Purpose Rooms ( Banquet,                   Conference, etc.)/Public Baths 

【Guest Room】Refrigerator, Safe, Free WiFi,

    No Bathroom, No TV

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